i – Yvi Beauty


I would like to share my vision with you.
I am Evy of African origin. I was born in France and grew up in a universe where origins and cultures blended harmoniously. My childhood friends were sometimes blonde with blue eyes and other times black with curly hair.
I lived surrounded by my hyper fashionable aunts who always dressed to the nines and full of color, inspired by Naomie Campbell, Withney Houston, Cyndy Lauper.
So, it was only natural that I wanted to train as a beautician and beauty consultant. We know how much make-up a vector of self-confidence really is. However, it must not damage our epidermis because a healthy skin is always beautiful and also very important.
A few years ago, the major international cosmetic brands did not manufacture a range for dark, black, and mixed skin girls.
The times have changed and everyone can now find what they are looking for in terms of textures, shine, coverage, and, above all, the composition of the products.
I created YVIBEAUTY in order to bring a plus in the world of cosmetics, by being ethical and eco-responsible in terms of cost and quality.
Composing our products with natural components at 75% and more is specifically a pledge of respect to our customers.
Our laboratory is located in Canada.
Our products are also vegan and of course not tested on animals.
We have created a multicoloured range intended for women of the 5 Continents so that all those who wish to use make-up without ruining themselves can have the assurance of using top-of-the-range cosmetics, high colour content, and long-lasting hold.
It is a work in which we have put a lot of positive vibes to give you a feeling of pleasure and comfort.

Thank you for trusting us!