Tendance !
Every year, charts the upcoming beauty trends for the year and among them is skinmalism, a beauty routine that focuses on maintained, glowing skin.
To determine the trends for the year, Pinterest takes into account keywords that are significantly increasing searches. And for 2021, we can undoubtedly count on skinmalism.
The watchword: let your skin breathe
In 2020, the sale of some make-up products literally fell; this is particularly the case with lipsticks. The reason? Wearing a mask, of course! This one brought with him a new vision of the skin. Indeed, Pinterest has found that research related to skin care has exploded. For example, the term "naturally glowing skin" has seen its research quadruple compared to 2019. This is why skinmalism is definitely establishing itself as the trend of the year.
Indeed, by focusing on the maintenance of her skin through pore-friendly products, but also on facial exercises, she appears to be a must. For example, searches for "facial yoga" have quadrupled on Pinterest. To embrace skinmalism, we definitely adopt DIY cosmetics, which research has increased by 110%. In short: we let our skin breathe and “less is more” becomes the line of conduct.
And what about makeup?

Who says skinmalism does not mean the absence of makeup, as the no-make-up trend has established. Indeed, here, we opt for light and discreet products. We lean towards the nude, in order to adopt a "natural everyday makeup", a research which has increased by 180%. Natural beauty is making a comeback - which always should have been the case by the way - and there's no denying it, it feels good!